Australia Standard Large Box with ventilate walls

Australian standard folding plastic container size 1162*1162*790mm for fruits and vegetable use store and transport goods
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Product Details

Australian standard folding pallet box with ventilate walls



  • weight & volume

size: 1162*1162*790mm

internal size: 1090*1090*640mm

weight: 46kg, material hdpe

  • product performance

dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg


Australia standard pallet box have been designed for the collection, treatment, processing and storage of fresh vegetable.

HDPE Foldable Perforated Plastic Pallet Box that provides great strength and resistance to damage from impact and excellent performance for extreme temp. -40°C up to +70°C.

As one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 21st century, pallet has been widely applied to production, delivery, loading and unloading, transportation, storage, and circulation as well as distribution, etc. The coordination and perfection between production and logistic structure are promoted effectively, which will also create more economic benefit.




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