foldable plastic pallet box fruits container

- Nov 13, 2017-

Large plastic crates use high impact strength of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) as raw materials, closed crates and grid box crates using injection molding technology, product design to the tray and the box as a whole Type, especially suitable for supporting the use of forklifts and hand trucks, turnover more flexible and convenient. Large folding carton is a logistics product designed to reduce storage volume and logistics costs while empty cartons. Folding cartons inherit the consistent design of the enclosed carton products (1T) , HDPE material through the foam processing impact resistance. The large folding box is surrounded by four side panels of different sizes, a tray-like base and a pick-up wicket designed on the side door. A total of twenty-one components are assembled. At the same time using twelve mold manufacturing.


 1. The life of plastic crates is about 10 times longer than the wooden box.
2. Plastic pallets than the same type of wooden boxes and metal boxes much lighter weight, the use of integrated molding so handling and transportation better performance.
3. Plastic crates can be washed with water at any time, beautiful and good environmental protection.
4. Can be widely used for storage of liquid and powder items turnover, widely used.
5. Foldable style can save more space and let the fruits grid.