food grade closed plastic pallet

- Nov 12, 2020-

food grade closed plastic pallet are plastic pallets that are super clean with very little places for ingress or contamination. Their very design prevents any build-up of dirt. Additionally, their design makes them very easy to clean. Traditionally these pallets have a smooth deck on which to place any objects. Mainly used in the food or pharmaceutical industries they are now becoming more prevalent throughout other industries.

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  • Particularly suited to total hygiene requirements of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

  • High impact resistance - suitable for automation

  • High quality manufacture, ideal for use in return/pooling logistics systems

  • Particularly suited to white room environments

  • The heavy duty plastic pallet that will cover most applications

  • Completely closed surfaces that facilitate cleaning


The biggest advantage of food grade closed plastic pallets is their superior resistance to chemical, bacterial and other forms of contamination. Even a small contamination issue in a food and beverage operation can cause considerable reputational damage, as well as potential legal liability. For this reason alone, investing in a quality product is essential.