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- Nov 23, 2017-

Collapsible Bulk Bins 
Collapsible Storage Bins, Collapsible Shipping Bins, Collapsible Distribution Containers

Collapsible bulk bins help you to achieve maximum space saving when used in a closed-loop or returnable bulk container operation.  When fully erected, theindustry-standard collapsible bulk bin will ship 3 high in a trailer and when your collapsible bulk containers are collapsed they will ship 8 high in a trailer.  This is what cube utilization is all about and our collapsible pallet containers are the key to making the most out of your allotted space.  Environmentally-minded customers no longer want expendable wood or cardboard packaging.  Instead Eco-friendly companies want reusable/returnable packaging solutions and we have those solutions.  Stop sending your money to the land fill along with your expendable bulk packaging containers.  Reusable/returnable/sustainable bulk containers not only keep your investment alive, but will enable you to realize substantial savings that you can pour right back into your bottom line.

From bumpers to Barbie dolls our collapsible bulk bins are the ideal packaging containers for providing superior protection while shipping and/or storage of your goods.  The forklift base built into our industrial bulk containers makes them easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack. These heavy-duty bulk boxeswere designed with ergonomics in mind; from the smooth corners to the back-saving drop door for easy access and bulk container set-up/knock-down only ~10 seconds. 

How long will our reusable collapsible bulk bins last? Since our collapsible plastic bulk containers are all component based, repairing a pierced side wall or damaged base is simple.  Just to give you an idea of a possible expected life span on these bulk packaging containers, we have a customer that has had ourreturnable collapsible pallet boxes in their system for over 15yrs and they still have about 90% of their original bulk bins in operation with only occasional minor repairs needed.

RTP Reusable/Returnable Sustainable bulk packaging containers help to save the contents of your wallet and our environment.


This is our bin: 

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