Spill pallet usage

- Apr 12, 2018-

Qingdao CNplast  provide a range of drip trays for use with 25 liter,200liter and other size drums. These provide a safe bunded environment for your oil, chemical and other liquid drums.

Drip trays can also be placed under machinery; including generators and manufacturing equipment to collect any drips and prevent from spreading across flooring.

The use of drip trays help maintain a safe working environment, prevent the spread of spills and possible damage to flooring. By containing liquids within the drip tray clean up time is significantly reduced.

Spill pallet are an absolute must for food & pharma manufacturer, spillage can occur anywhere / anytime & can contaminate sensitive food and pharma products.

This bunded pallet can ensure cleanliness, this spill pallet are exported lots for Palletco, Kilkamal, Bayer etc with ISO SGS certificate.

This spill pallet lots for oil and lubricants Drums and IBC tanks with ISO SGS certificate