- Jun 20, 2017-

In the 1980s, after the protagonist fled from Leningrad to New York in the United States, an accidental opportunity opened up a dusty suitcase, with every a items in it recorded a Soviet past: crepe socks, short shoes, double-breasted suits, Marx and Brodski photos ... Young frivolous, the hardships of life, the reality of helplessness, through the yellow curtain of time, the scene of the motherland is very important. In the humorous and playful tone of the writer, the history and destiny of the individuals and nations of this period, and the lingering faint nostalgia, as the author begins to quote: "Even so, my Russia, you are still the most precious place in my mind." Various shapes of containers, interior space can accommodate a variety of objects, and containers equipped with a handle to facilitate the box to lift.