When the stool and luggage plastic bucket into the Migrant workers Spring Festival magic Weapon

- Jun 20, 2017-

"I bought a ticket, with a stool is very troublesome, it is better to bring a plastic bucket actually, cover the lid can sit." Mr. Dong told reporters, the two paint barrels are he in the decoration when specially left, can not only install sundries, but also as a bench, very good.

"This bucket is also more durable, usually used at home." Mr Tung said. The reporter saw, the barrel put some instant noodles and some snacks, there are towels, toothbrushes and other toiletries.

In the railway station Square, the reporter saw that most of the migrant workers will bring white plastic barrels, with less than one or two, more dozens of.

"Before buying ticket, they were standing or sitting in the aisle, often waking up with backache." It is very practical to bring a plastic bucket that can both lie and sit. "Wang elder sister said, white plastic bucket has become a returning migrant workers Spring Festival" magic weapon.

Reporters from the train station staff told reporters, plastic barrels have become the standard of migrant workers in recent years. Plastic barrels and luggage, through security no dangerous items can be found on the car.