Why are stackable pallets preferable

- Mar 26, 2019-

Why are stackable pallets preferable?

As their name suggests, stackable pallets can be stacked onto one another in order to get more freight onto one lorry. They are perfect for stack loading or static storage and they also offer more shipping options as many freight forwarders don’t even accept non-stackable pallets. Stackable pallets are designed to maintain maximum stability when stacked, be it empty or filled with products. They can therefore be shipped without any worries that they would all of a sudden lose stability and get destroyed or cause damage to the pallets surrounding them.

Where to find pallets

Various pallets can be easily purchased online or in hardware stores.You can get any kinds stackable pallets with Enlightening pallet!

Enlightening stackable pallets made of 100% virgin grade materials to guarantee the pallets quality, widely used in many industries.

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