why we choose plastic pallet in our daily life?

- Jul 09, 2019-

1. The use of industry is very wide: food, medicine, chemical industry, fertilizer, tobacco, automobile, glass industry, printing, electronic appliances, textiles, clothing, supermarkets, warehousing logistics, sanitation and so on, that is, where there are large warehouses, automated three-dimensional warehouses or goods running, pallets are used.

2. Reliability: The reliability of Lichuang plastic pallet structure greatly reduces the loss of pallets, and also reduces the damage of pallets to materials. Plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets of the same size, which reduces the weight and cost of transportation.

3. Good hygienic performance: plastic tray has good integrity, no nails, non-toxic and tasteless, acid and alkali resistance, no sparks, can effectively prevent termite invasion, can be thoroughly cleaned and recycled!

4. Global Development Trends: In 2011, the European Community has promulgated a decree that all food, beverages and medicines must be transported using plastic pallets. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is also promoting companies to use plastic pallets to carry products. Japan has identified the 1111 model plastic pallet as the national standard pallet!

5. Specificity: Plastic trays will become more and more popular in the special commodity market, such as warehousing, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and according to the requirements of different factories, plastic trays can be processed into various colors, printed with the corresponding company logo and logo.

6.Insurance: Due to the damage resistance of plastic pallets, the claim for compensation for labor is reduced accordingly, and the reduction of wood use in factories is conducive to avoiding fire

7. Recycling: Used plastic pallets can be sold at 30% of the original value, because plastic pallets can be replaced with the old according to the company's new replacement ratio. Waste pallets can be recycled to the appropriate institutions for recycling

8. Environmental protection: Plastic trays are environmentally friendly products, because they can be recycled and reused, greatly reducing the cost of garbage and disposal. The use of plastic trays can prevent the loss of thousands of mu of forest every year

9.Durability: The service life of plastic pallets can reach more than ten times that of ordinary wooden pallets