Agricultural Use Large Plastic Pallet Bin

large plastic pallet box, store and transport fruits and vegetables agricultural use, four way entry for forklift and manual jacks can be folded to optimize space large plastic pallet bin
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Product Description: 

This kind of Agricultural Use Large Plastic Pallet Bin uses advanced production technology, from raw material storage to production ingredients and product storage are subject to strict standard controls. It uses non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly raw materials. The product material is 100% new high-density low-pressure polyethylene. It has the features of hard texture, cold resistance, high chemical stability, radiation resistance and heat resistance temperature. What’s more, the Agricultural Use Large Plastic Pallet Bin can be designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customers to achieve the most reasonable loading, and multiple boxes can be overlapped so as to effectively use the plant space. It is widely applied for clothing, hardware, machinery, electronics, chemical, instrumentation, aquaculture, food, aquatic products, logistics and storage industries.


  • size 1200*1000*810mm

  • weight: 45kg

  • material hdpe

  • dynamic load: 1t, static load: 4t

  • loading qty: 83 pcs/20gp, 210 pcs/40hc

  • color can be customized, free logo printing, warranty 3 years

  • options: lid, steel bars

  • 4-way entry for forklift and manual jacks

Large Plastic Pallet Bin Dimension:


Large Plastic Pallet Bin Material:


Large Plastic Pallet Bin Usage: