Bulk Folding Pallet Container

Bulk Folding Pallet Container

Plastic pallet containers are the most suitable boxes for storage and transport. We therefore offer large plastic boxes and pallet boxes which are the best to store bulk goods, fruits and vegetables or other such food products. Our boxes are available in several dimensions and types, to provide convenient services.
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bulk folding pallet container

Bulk folding pallet containers are extra-large, does suiting the requirements to the industry. Also, being heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings only makes it much widely excepted storage solution. These pallet boxes can be easily lifted with a forklift and come with either feet, castors or skids.

We store a range of plastic pallet box for which are great when it comes to saving valuable space. These particular boxes are easily stackable and helps saving space around a decent warehouse surface. Plus the folding boxes, assist in saving the cost of return transport of empty package. As folding /collapsible containers fold when empty on return transport. Our folding containers have drop down doors, allowing for easy, fast access of stored goods – ideal for storing cables and displaying goods in stores. Ventilated pallet boxes allow for air circulation, this is especially useful when storing perishable goods, such as fish, fruit and vegetables.

Our bulk pallet box pass out three essential qualities, which is they are strong, durable and hygienic. It is of great importance to have a clean and hygienic box, because it is used to store food products. Plastic pallet containers are ideal for a host of applications when hygiene is the main concern. Our box storage are designed with smooth surfaces and curved corners and are free from dirt traps. Which is it easier to clean whilst also protect contents from damage and is not time consuming. Our available products include solid or ventilated, on runners or feet and we also provide lids for our bulk containers.


Strong – uniform, high weight loadings

Durable – long lasting and less susceptible to damage

Hygienic – suitable for food use.

Will not warp, rot or absorb moisture like timber.


Type: Foldable pallet box
Material:PP/HDPE; As customer required (300pcs MOQ);

Entry Type:




Net Weight:


Dimensions (mm)

Load Capacity




 12001000  810 4.0 1.0N/A 

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