Stackable Plastic Folding Crate

Stackable Plastic Folding Crate

folding plastic pallet container can Four entry and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual jack and offer outstanding mechanical performance : dynamic load 1000kg, static load:4000k
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Product Details

1200*1000*810mm stackable  plastic folding crate 


Item1210E foldable plastic pallet bin
weight/ volume43kg, 700L
loadstatic 4t, dynamic 1t


folding pallet box is the perfect bulk storage solution. 

  • Folding vented plastic bulk container, Designed and manufactured specifically for the standard 1200x1000. ideal for fruit and vegetable, the plastic pallet box and bulk storage container are extremely robust.


1. Material

HDPP Pallet box that provides great strength and resistance to damage from impact and excellent performance for extreme temp.-40℃ up to +70℃.

2.Four way entry & mechanical performance

Four ways entry and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle,and offers outstanding mechanical performance:Dynamic load 1000kg,static load 40000kg single pallet box.

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Product Advantages

1)Drop door is available in long side,easy to handle the goods in container.And inner container is flat design and easy to wash.

2)Label holders are assembled on long side and short side.


Advantages of folding pallet boxes

 1. Compared with the traditional pallet box, the new product adopts the folding design, which can save 75% of storage and transportation space and costs.

 2. The high-quality raw materials ensure the high quality of the product, we use green high-quality recyclable PE new materials to ensure that the product has a smooth and clean appearance and perfect performance.

 3. High product performance, anti-sun, anti-freeze and shock resistance. The raw materials are mixed with sunscreen and toughplastic particles.

 4. The logo and color will be customized. We are a high-quality factory in China, providing one-stop solution services for

products, such as custom product logos and colors.