1200x1000x1000mm Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Container Bulk Container

Exterior Size: 1200x1000mm, height 1000mm, Materail HDPE, weight 55kg, Static load 4T, Dynamic load 1T, 4 ways entry
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1200x1000x1000mm Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Container bulk container

1200x1000x1000  detail pics_副本

Itemcollapsible plastic pallet box
static load4t
dynamic load1t


* Material: HDPE

* Function: Logistic, storage box for industrial usage

* Exterior Size: 1200x1000mm, height 1000mm

* Color: can be customized

* Style: foldable with lid

* Logo: Can be printed via Silkcreen, or heat transfer imprint on the box.

* Suitable for pallet truck usage

* Easy to fold and stock when unuse


The folding box is made of polyethylene plastic board quality, environmental protection, good durability and high anti impact strength (PE) is used as main raw material (colorless) with color masterbatch (display tray color) produced by an injection molding process. It has the following advantages and characteristics:

1, with non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, safe, sanitary, easy to clean and other advantages, fully consistent with the tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other use requirements.

2, the pallet appearance is smooth, no burr, flying edge, no influence on the use of cracks and deformation. There is no obvious color difference on the single pallet, and the color of the same batch is the same.


collapsible bulk containers are “premium products that promote environmental sustainability". These bulk containers offer superior quality and value, and are also in stock and readily available for immediate shipment. Made from high density polyethylene, these 2,000 lb capacity heavy-duty containers are built to provide years of service under the toughest conditions. These 1200x1000mm footprint, 1000mm height containers are stackable, easy to assemble and knock down, are 100% recyclable, and save on storage and transportation costs. They have pallet jack and 4-way forklift access for secure and efficient handling. Drop gates on the 1000mm sides allow for easy access to contents of container. These collapsible bulk containers are ideal for storing and handling a variety of component parts, industrial materials, and commercial supplies. Open grid bottom. Gray color. Optional lid. Optional solid bottom pad.