Agriculture Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin

Agriculture Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin

Agriculture and in particular Fruit and Vegetables growing and processing is a very demanding business. It requires packaging with high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment.
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This kind of Agriculture Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin is made of premium HDPE material with strong impact resistance. It is composed of four side panels of different sizes, base with a pallet design, and pickup door designed on the side door. There are small doors on the long sides of the box, which is more convenient for goods loading. In addition, it has the properties of high quality, large capacity, impact resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, pollution free and reasonable price. The Agriculture Foldable Plastic Pallet Bin has good loading performance and stable chemical properties, and is widely applied as product packaging container in large-scale fish farms, printing and bleaching and dyeing farms, electroplating plants, cigarette factories, food factories, leather factories, etc. It is highly praised by our clients because of high cost effective and excellent performance. 


  • size 1200x1000x810mm, material HDPE

  • weight 43kg, volume 700L

  • static load 4t, dynamic load 1t

  • color standard grey, silk screen logo printing is available

Four way entry and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle, and offers outstanding mechanical performance: dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg single pallet box


Packaging also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf. Our Foldable Perforated Plastic Pallet Box perfectly meeting this end use specific needs.



1) Folds down to save space when not in use; 

2) Integral runners enable box to be safely racked and transported; 

3) Two integral hinged drop down doors for easy access; 

4) Brand new and un-used for consistent product quality;


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