Collapsible Plastic Pallets

collapsible plastic pallets is widely used for auto industry, to store and transport auto parts. material: hdpe, durable and stronger,dynamic load 1,000kg, static load 4,000kg, unit weight 55kg can be stackable with 6 layers
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The Collapsible Plastic Pallets are made of high quality HDPE materials with exquisite workmanship. Its bottom is a pallet structure, which can be operated by mechanical or manual forklifts, easy to store and can be stacked for use. They do not contain any waste materials or gypsum ingredients, and have high gloss as well as good feel. In addition, they have the advantages of high quality, sturdy structure, long using life, wear resistance, sophisticated design, corrosion resistance, large capacity and high cost effective. The Collapsible Plastic Pallets are widely applied in auto industry to store and transport auto parts. They win a good reputation among clients all over the world due to excellent performance.


  • outer dimensions: 120*100*100cm

  • inner dimensions: 111*91*865cm

  • weight 55kg

  • capacity 887L

  • carry capacity 510kg

  • dynamic load 1,000kg, static load 4,000kg

  • standard color: as photos

  • free logo printing, warranty 3 years

  • loading qty: 54 pcs/20ft, 151pcs/40hc


Due to the improvements that have been made when it comes to the design and strength of Collapsible Plastic Pallets, they are being purchased at a greater rate than ever. The molding takes place under a great deal of pressure and it has been worked out that they will last 10 times longer than their wooden counterparts.

It is accepted that a box of this type is going to incur a higher purchase price, but over time and continued use, it will be seen to have been a good investment for the future. There is a wide range available and sizes vary, as does the use of a lid. Some have them, while others are left open, meaning it is easier to put things in or take them out.

To any people now the environment is important and here again, plastic pallet boxes have the advantage over wooden ones. Wood is not being replaced to the degree that it should be, and a plastic pallet can be recycled once it gets to the end of its usefulness.

It can be safer to use the plastic variety as there is no need to ensure that they are treated and marked in the way that a wooden one needs to be treated. This is going to make it much easier when the pallet is going to be sent across national borders.

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