Large Foldable Pallet Bins

Large Foldable Pallet Bins

Our large foldable pallet bins are available with MOQ of 50pcs, the folded state a space saving of up to 60% can be achieved, which guarantees cost saving transport and storage.
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large foldable pallet bins

A foldable pallet bin is a specially designed container which is used to ship and store products. The bin’s base is generally the same dimension as the pallet and sits directly onto the pallet, effortlessly, during storage.

Our large foldable pallet bins can be handled on 4 sides and are of course easy to stack, both in the unfolded and folded state. Due the stable walls a high load capacity and an optimum transport safety of the load is guaranteed.

Itemlarge foldable pallet bins
Static load1000kg
Dynamic load4000kg
Colorstandard blue (other colors are available)
Applicationfruit and vegetable industry


Foldable pallet bins are designed to be used with forklifts when placed on pallets, making goods easier for shipping. The pallet bins bottom also helps to reduce the risk of damage to the bins. 

Pallet bins suitable for cold storage; solid and elastic supporting structure, ideal for the transport and storage of both bulk and packaged products. Various accessories are available such as wheels, cover, crossbars, label holder, and marking.

vented pallet binsAgriculture  is a very demanding business now, especially the fruit and vegetable industry. Packaging requires high efficiency, strength and resistance to harsh environment, also has to preserve freshness and quality of produce from field to supermarket shelf. 

Our Large Foldable Pallet Bins can perfectly fulfill this end use specific demands.

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