Plastic Mesh Pallet Bin With Lid

Plastic Mesh Pallet Bin With Lid

size: 1200x1000x760mm, weight34kg, Static load 4T, Dynamic load 1T, 4 ways entry for Forklift& Handlift, Style: Vented OR solid
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Plastic mesh pallet bin with lid

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Name: plastic pallet box
Specifications; external dimensions 1200 * 1000 * 760
Material: HDPE
Features: a plastic injection molding.
Color: Spot Gray Blue [Large amount of other colors can be customized

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Performance: Environmental protection recyclable, beautiful, solid, easy to use, moisture-proof moth, non-toxic and tasteless, abrasion resistance, impact resistance
Uses: Plastic pallets are an important tool for modern transportation, packaging and warehousing. They are the essential equipment for storage in various industries such as food, aquatic products, medicine, tobacco, chemicals, chemical raw materials, Long-term workshop in the turnover and one-time export.
Plastic crates Use: Suitable for flat to use; horizontal, flat and regular stacking, uniform force.
Plastic crates to adapt to temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ (try to avoid sun exposure and close to heat)
Widely used: food, beverage, beer, medicine, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronic appliances, hardware machinery, logistics center.

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