510 Pieces Plastic Pallets With Size 120*100*15cm Delivered To Hayti

- May 23, 2019-

When I saw Hayti, a movie named“Haidi”comes to my mind first.  It tells a family story between grandpa and granddaughter, very moving and impressive scenery.

Ok, let's come to point.

Yesterday, 510 pieces of plastic pallets delivered to Haydi, this contract is signed by my colleague Amy with a new client, this marks we explore a new market in 2019. A very excited progress for all of us.

Details for this type plastic pallet below:

  • size: 120*100*15cm

  • material: hdpe

  • unit weight: 15 kg

  • loading capacity: dynamic 1,000kg, static 4,000kg, racking 500kg

This type is widely used in our daily lives, like warehouse, goods turnover, etc.

Any interests, please contact us directly. Both email and call available.