Company Collective Barbecue Activities

- Nov 09, 2017-

Company collective barbecue activities

First, the purpose of activities

In order to enhance mutual understanding between employees and departments, enhance team spirit, create a harmonious atmosphere and collective; enhance their sense of belonging to the company, and to cultivate the ability of everyone in the team and deal with things in the entertainment activities of the value of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Department of personnel administration recommends that all employees of the company to Lantau Peak barbecue.

Two. Activity organization

Activities Organization: Personnel Administration Department

Venue: Lantau Peak barbecue farm

Activity time: 04 November 2017 afternoon

Participants: all the staff of the company, to voluntarily enroll in principle.

According to the Department of transportation: the organization team, walk to the destination.

Three, active operation

The personnel administration department is responsible for drawing up the activity planning plan and implementing the specific contents (including the list of people who are willing to participate in the event, the preparation of materials, the preparation of the game, etc.)

Four, specific arrangements for activities

A, the arrangement of the person in charge of the activities

1, responsible for communication and statistics to participate in the activities of the members list;

The work of 2, responsible for the barbecue and the activities of the implementation;

3, responsible for the activities of the purchase of supplies (barbecue food, water, barbecue supplies etc.);

4, responsible for the implementation of barbecue items placed; (assist staff captain: a total of 11 people)

5, responsible for the scene shooting activities; responsible for Yamashita, midway shooting, responsible for taking pictures on the mountain, winning personnel all need to take photos.

6, the leading departments responsible for the departments and personnel organization, personnel status, lead and dynamic collection;

7. Responsible for the game organization.

8, responsible for the issuance of the certificate, the referee is responsible for climbing, climbing halfway discipline supervision.