Corporate Basketball Game Press Release

- Dec 28, 2017-

Corporate basketball game press release


To enrich the style and entertainment of our employees, give full play to their team spirit and enhance the cohesion and pride of their employees. January 1 and January 2, the company basketball game held in the indoor basketball court. Various departments respond positively, one after another organized the team to participate in the competition; off-site cheerleading team is more enthusiasm, cheers, cries so that the atmosphere of basketball games continue to heat up. All athletes, referees, staff and on-site spectators outstanding performance, the staff actively make logistical support, referees fair and selfless, Huakai all players truly play the first friendship, competition second spirit, match the style, Out of the game level.


After two days of fierce competition, the final technical center of the Hawks and Marketing Division of the old A team successfully joined forces in the finals, at 2:00 pm January 2 at the start of the final title fight, although everyone present is intimate Colleagues, but on the pitch you are fighting for me, not miss any chance of a score, we look forward to looking forward to the encouragement and friendship shouting encouragement, after 60 minutes of hard fierce battle, the final technical center of the Hawks to 86:75 victory over the old team A absolute advantage, won the championship basketball game.


The highlight of this competition is the team members fully demonstrated Huakai staff spirit of competition, full of sweat in the game, show themselves, never-ending team spirit deserves the presence of all my colleagues to learn. After 2 days of basketball game ended successfully. The basketball competition not only enriched the staff's amateur style life, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of staff engaged in sports. So that every sports-loving staff to re-ignite the passion of the sport. It embodies the spirit of enterprise that our company has always advocated to cultivate the overall quality of employees and at the same time has strengthened the thorough implementation of corporate culture, enhanced the friendship among employees and nurtured the spirit of unity and cooperation. The match reached the expected result, and at the same time, the unique charm of basketball also showed us the youthful vigor of contemporary Huakai staff. In the future, the Company will continue to enrich the style life of its employees and set up more and better cultural and sports activities based on its employees' physical and mental health so as to enrich the corporate culture of our company and promote the rapid and vigorous development of it.