Customer Visit Factory

- Mar 27, 2018-

A Dubai client visited our factory today and our company made the following preparations: Preparation before departure

Before I set off, I prepared the following things.

1, sample books. We can let our customers know our factory in advance on the train. Later, we found out that the customer's preparation work is also done quite well. We have the information of our factory that we have printed, and we even asked about the number of factories and sample books that we searched online. Not the same, there are no exact figures, and so on.

2, pick up cards. I printed the customer's name and the company's name on an A4 paper, and then stood at the exit to hold the customer. I think the word is still better and it can be seen by the customer at a glance. If you think the customer's name is too long, you can just print the first name. When I got on the airport that day, there was a big brother next to the airport. The people's brand was really bright. It was much better than my white paper. Hey, it's embarrassing. The wooden sign for people is colored. , wrote "Amway" two bright characters, brush the barbed my eyes.

3, business cards, this will not say more

4, white paper and pen, this I have my little ninety-nine, if you really do not understand what time the customer said, you can write on paper, do not understand, understand or no problem. Of course, if the customer needs to record or show it to you, it can be used.

5, the day before departure, if you have a customer's mobile phone number or something, you can send a text message to the customer, indicating that the weather, if the weather is cold, saying some ideas to keep warm or something, there is nothing wrong.

6, if motion sickness, then bring some motion sickness medicine, you can give customers some candy, chocolate or something, add strength.

With regard to this visit of our client, I need to talk to you because the client I came in contact with is a designer. His purpose of visiting the factory may be different from other customers' purposes. The purpose of his visit was mainly to confirm that the factory had the ability to produce the products he wanted. For high details, he did not ask too many questions. This is not the same as our previous Japanese customers. Japanese customers All aspects of the requirements are very demanding and ask your own questions. Of course, not all German customers are the same. Our customer is still quite special. Therefore, different situations require special attention. Another point is that if the working conditions are not very good, if conditions permit, a set of tooling can be prepared for the customer.

During the visit, you can brief the customer on the company's situation, number of people, machinery and equipment, shipments, and more. If you do not have full assurance, you need to have a technical staff to escort, so as to avoid customers When problems arise, feedback can be given in a timely manner.

Forget the most important point, it must be on time, this is very important.