Problems Existing In China Pallet Industry

- Jun 20, 2017-

Shan use way backward, can not fully play the advantages of the tray

The pallet itself is a kind of modular logistics equipment which is born for the sake of the high efficiency logistics, it can be said that the pallet is the connection point through all links of the modern logistics system. However, in our actual use because the specification is not uniform, the pallet can not be used in the logistics operation chain, only limited to the internal enterprise.

Shan is restricted by pallet turnover mode, and the circulation process cost is too high.

From the investigation, it can be found that the vast majority of enterprises in the tray is in the enterprise turnover, so that the enterprise's products after many times manual handling, greatly reducing the efficiency, the corresponding increase in the circulation of the cost of products, thus reducing the competitiveness of products in the market.

Shan difficult to connect with international specifications

Because pallet specifications are not uniform, the use of pallets in China cannot be matched with international shipping instruments such as international containers. In order to be able to adapt to the relevant international transportation tools, enterprises have to order the pallet manufacturers and the enterprise turnover using specifications inconsistent pallet, thus increasing the export cost of enterprises, reducing the international competitiveness of products.