QingDao CNplast To Be No-1 In Superseptember

- Oct 11, 2019-

PK Time:  1st, Sep  2019- 30th, Sep  2019

Result revealed time: 8th, Oct, 2019

Award time: 10th, Oct, 2019

Receive awards: 

1. Lightning Agent, the first to complete the Trade Assurance for more than $1,000

2. Special elite, the largest personal Trade Assurance more than $500000


3. Pioneering pioneer,the one who win the most new client


4. Mid-Autumn Special Award, The first one who win the new client in Mid Autumn

5. Summit team, The Trade Assurance GMV absolute value Top 3


Anyway, Win such Awards need thanks all of our client's cooperation and support. Already loading more than 500pcs 40HQ container in this month for racking plastic pallet, stackable plastic pallet, cross bottom plastic pallet, 120L/240L/360L/660L/1100L etc plastic waste bin, Non-collapsible plastic pallet box, collapsible plastic pallet box.  


Wishing have more and more cooperation with more client.