Table Tennis Competition In The Company

- Dec 06, 2017-

The plan of table tennis competition in the company


A guiding ideology: to enrich the amateur life of employees, strengthen the various departments of the company to improve their communication and friendship, promote harmonious corporate culture, to hold the table tennis match.


Two, competition time, place, competition time: November 18, 2017 - noon 12:00-12:30 competition place: first floor patio table tennis table


Three, the qualification must be in the company employees. Four, competition rules 1, competition: table tennis men's individual competition, table tennis women's individual competition. 2, race: 1) the preliminary 22 showdown elimination (five three out of 11 points) (the singular set when direct promotion), the winner in the next round, decide until the male and female 3 (or 4) in the final game; 2) the use of "double happiness" yellow. Tennis, company. The table tennis bat for competition can be provided by itself or public racket.

Five, the rules of the game 1. of the tournament adhere to fair, open and impartial principle, players must obey the referee's decision, if there is doubt may be brought directly to the authorities the result of the competition, the referee group discussion Award (can change the referee authority). It is forbidden to quarrel with the referee or abuse the referee, otherwise, the disqualification of the competition will be disqualified;

2. contestants must report to the stadium 5 minutes earlier and lose the match for more than 10 minutes (special circumstances decided by the referee committee);

3., each game with 11 points system, to 10 after the score of 2 points, scored high wins;

4. determined by lot against both sides, if one person, the players qualify directly for the next round;

5. preliminaries by knockout, averaging 5 innings 3, winners go on to the next round;

6. through the preliminary round 3 (or last 4 finalists);

7. take the final round robin jifenzhi, averaging 5 innings three, each 1 wins accumulated 2 points, if the final 3 points, according to the game winning 3 score of the total bureau to determine the ranking;

Six, the principle of competition: in accordance with the premise of table tennis competition rules, follow the "game second, friendship first" principle, exquisite style, match the level.

Seven, awards setting: finally named men, women champion each. Prizes: Champions: red table tennis racket a trophy, ownership (one quarter); Participation Award: a special prize.