1100*1100mm Plastic Pallet

1100*1100mm Plastic Pallet

Application: warehouses Tobacco, food, chemistry, packaging, electronic industries and supermarket, stock and workshop, clean-room and so on.
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1100*1100mm plastic pallet

When choosing plastic pallets, depending on different requirements, and different product sizes placed, selecting standards are different.

I. First consider packing of goods and placed way on pallets, for instance, standard size of European turnover boxes is 600 × 400 mm. on the surface of 48″ × 40″ plastic pallets, a layer can be placed with 5 pieces turnover boxes, on the surface of 1200 × 800 mm plastic pallets, can be placed with four pieces turnover boxes and generally be stacked with five layers. Another example: Japanese standard turnover boxes size is 530 × 365 mm and 650 × 440 mm, on the surface of 44″ × 44″ pallets, one layer can be placed 6 and 4 pieces, generally stacking five layers. Of course, if the product is not stored inside of  turnover boxes, they would have to choose plastic pallets according to original packaging size of pallets.

II. Consider pallet loading tools (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example: If you use as round-trip or one-time, we need to give priority to the applicability of the width 2300 mm of shipping containers. Combination display of pallets with length 1200 mm and width 1000 mm, you must use 4 into the fork. For 1200 × 800 mm pallets, with 800 mm width direction placed two side by side. For 44″ × 44″  pallets, with 1100 mm width, placed two, 2 or 4 into the fork can be.

III. Or using on warehouse shelves need to consider the width and depth of shelf. Such as more common rack beams, each layer each cargo space place two pallets, leaving around 100mm space around, put the large size of pallets on the depth of shelf, will not demand strict carrying capacity of plastic pallets, in order to save procurement costs, as 1210 plastic pallets, depth is 1200 mm, so the outside of beam width is 1000 ~ 1100 mm, inside width 900 ~ 1000 mm. 1210 common racking pallets, steel pallets and heavy duty reversible plastic pallets 1210.



Entry Type

4 Way




Yes,anti-slip rubber inserted


Blue,balck and other colour request

Dynamic Load


Available for racking


Static Load



Single and open decks

Rack Load





Features Of Warehouse Plastic Pallets: 

The Top Benefits of Plastic Pallets over Wooden Pallets

Environmentally friendly and can be reground to produce new plastic products

Designed and customized for your specific application

Unrivalled strength and durability

10 times longer lasting

Exempt from ISPM 15 regulations as they do not need to be heat treated

Hygienic and easy to clean

No potential contamination issues

Safer manual handling and easy forklift access

Weather and chemical resistant making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a range of applications

A space and cost saving solution

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