ASRS System Racking Pallets

ASRS System Racking Pallets

ASRS system racking pallets uses metal rollers and the force of gravity to feed pallets into the rack's pick position and is used for its ability to get warehouses flowing. Like drive-in racking and other engineered systems, pallet flow works by eliminating aisles in order to maximize the available space.
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ASRS system racking pallets

Rackable plastic pallets bridge an open span between two supports in a racking system. Mostly found in warehouses and distribution centers, rackable plastic pallets help companies save money by taking advantage of air space.

The under side of a rackable pallet includes bottom runners or picture frame configurations. The bottoms add strength and stability to the pallet so that it can safely sit on top of a rack.

racking pallets

The racking system in use (beam, edge, roller, push-back, flow, cantilever and supported) defines the requirements for the bottom structure. For example, a full frame cruciform bottom helps forklift operators target the pallet on an edge rack. A three runner may be better suited for a simple beam rack.

Rackable pallets are usually heavy duty because of required load capacities. The added weight comes from the additional structure on the under side of the pallet. Used primarily for in-house or captive environments, plastic rackable pallets are available in both open and closed decks.