Export Light Duty Pallet

Export Light Duty Pallet

These economical "one way" export pallets meet EU, Africa, South America and Asian customs requirements. Fully recyclable plastic, they are easy to clean and do not require fumigation as in the case of wood pallets. They will not increase in weight, harbor pests or sustain water damage, eliminating the expensive risks of refused entry or lengthy customs delays. Fully nestable pallets allow for maximum space savings. The 4-way entry design of all our export pallets provides easy access during handling
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Export Light duty pallet

Export Light duty pallet is light weight and suitable for air cargo, plastic pallets are mold, bacteria, and insect-resistant, easily sanitized for food applications. These pallets are export ready in addition to being an environmentally friendly product.

An export, one way or economical pallet is designed to be light weight, yet durable enough to protect your shipment while on its way to the destination. These pallets are inexpensive and designed for limited use. Although the majority of plastic pallets are suitable to be used as export pallets, most companies choose the least expensive plastic pallet that will get the job done.

These lightweight pallets offer the advantage to be nestable, so you can put a lot more in a truck and you safe a lot of money ans space in storage. In warehouses a lot of women are working and these lightweight palletsoffer a big ergonomic advantage comparing to wooden pallets which are at least 3 to 4 times heavier then plastic pallets.

Plastic pallets offer also the advantage of having a constant weight. So you can store them outside in all weather conditions, there will be no difference after raining on it or snowing on it. Due to the holes in the feet of this lightweight pallets the water can be evacuated.

Plastic Pallet Features & Benefits

Cargo Protection
Reduce load damage, no splinters, nails, metal fasteners, foreign materials.


High-density, polyethylene construction resists damage, extends service life.Weather-tough


Withstands heat and cold, rain or snow in transit or outdoor storage for limited periods. Non-rusting, resists staining, does not absorb moisture with upper surfaces being fully drainable.USDA & FDA Approved


Product namePlastic Pallet
MaterialFood grade new material HDPE
Load-bearingDynamic load:0.5T   Static load:1T
UsageLoading and transfer
ApplicationPlastic pallet for loading,package and transfer,industrial and so on.
Product Keywordseuro standard plastic pallet

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Our range of Export pallets / Cargo Pallets / Shipping pallets / Euro pallet is designed to meet the demands of one-way/export shipping for international and domestic consignment. The light weight pallets reduce shipping costs, support heavy loads and reduce in-transit product damage. Fame pallets are compatible with all the packaging and materials handling equipment. Fame Export pallets are much safer, easy to handle, in comparison to wooden pallets. 

If the export light duty pallet caters to your requirement, welcome to wholesale the quality products made in China at cheap price from our factory. We're one one of the leading Export and Shipping Use Pallet manufacturers and suppliers in China, taking Indonesia as main market. Please be free to enjoy our quality products and good service.
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