1200x1000mm Plastic Pallets

1200x1000mm Plastic Pallets

1200x1000mm plastic pallets with 3-Runner is an excellent heavy-duty pallet for the sanitary applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical, and food. The top and bottom decks are closed, With no cavities or ribs, to ensure complete protection from contamination. Since the decks are completely closed, it is extremely easy to clean
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1200x1000mm plastic pallets

What makes the plastic pallet stand out over its wooden counterpart is that it is ideal for use with items that need to be transported as hygienically as possible without any possible contact with sources that could pose a contamination risk, harming the health of others and spoiling or damaging the product itself. Industry sectors that may demand this type of pallet include hospitals and food and beverage manufacturers (particularly for transporting fresh items like meat, fish and dairy), supermarkets, petrol stations, canteens and catering establishments, who have to adhere to strict standards set by the HACCP-system.

With the many uses for plastic pallets, they are especially hygienic because dirt or possible contaminants are unable to stick to the surface of the pallet. Wood, on the other hand, easily absorbs moisture and bacteria as it is porous.



1200×800×150 mm

Load Capacity:

Static Load:6T

Dynamic Load:1.5T

Racking Load:1T

Unit Weight




Usage temperature



According to customer demand


Integrated printing

silk screen printing

Structure characteristic:

Deck type

Closed decks

Bottom type

3 runners


Decks:  reinforced by 5 pcs steel tubes

Bottom: /

production process

Injection Molding, Sweating Soldering




The plastic pallet is also the preferred choice for companies requiring strictly hygienic shipping, as this pallet does not attract insects or vermin, which are also potential contamination sources.

If contamination from a pallet damages the goods it is carrying, it can cause a lot of problems for a company, resulting in wastage of time and additional costs of having to replace the items.

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