Heavy Duty Solid Deck Pallet

Heavy Duty Solid Deck Pallet

A heavy duty plastic pallet for the food industry. Made from Highdensity polyethylene HDPE Plastic. - Designed exclusively for the beverage industry - Anti-slip strip and grommets for safe handling of goods - Extra wide openings between the central blocks, making it easier for forklifts to enter and leave the pallet
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Product Details

Heavy duty Solid Deck Pallet

The solid deck pallet is designed for racking. It is manufactured of Polypropylene and will edge-rack up to 2000 pounds. The smooth, non-porous construction protects product (no nails, rust or splinters) and does not absorb moisture or odor. Its all-plastic construction ensures dimensional consistency and repeatable performance during its entire service life.  The solid deck creates an alternative hygenic solution for customers who do not have pallet washers.


Plastic pallets manufactured in Polypropylene (PP)

Optional metal and x-ray material available

Lower per-trip cost than alternative pallets

Versatile handling, with 4-way hand and fork truck entry

Easy cleanability in any application

Lighter weight for better ergonomics

Hand holes for easy lifting

Higher truckload quantity


Product Name

Big 9 runners flat plastic pallet




As customer require




Single/double Faced

Entry types




Dynamic load


Static load


Shelf load







According to your request

Production capacity


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Benefits of plastic pallet

Non-porous, corrosion-resistant construction: Solid top plastic pallets consist of non-porous surfaces that do not trap moisture or contaminants, making them easy to clean and suitable for hygienic applications. They are also free of gaps between boards that can allow liquids from packages to leak and damage other goods.

Safer handling: The lightweight design and construction promote a safer work environment. Their smooth surface prevents injuries compared to a wooden pallet's splinters, nails and screws. Since they tend to weigh less than wooden options, plastic pallets offer better ergonomics.

Return on investment: For operations concerned about cost, solid plastic pallets offer the advantage of reusability. Plastic pallets have much longer lifespans than wooden pallets, resulting in a potentially higher ROI.

Eco-friendliness: Most solid plastic pallets feature recyclable materials. Manufacturers create them from recycled plastic or virgin resin material that you can recycle at the end of their lifespan.

Durability: Depending on its construction a plastic pallet can provide anywhere from 7-10 years of use. Solid plastic pallets tend to have fewer weak points in their design which helps reduce the risk of breakage.

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