Hygienic Plastic Pallet

Hygienic Plastic Pallet

Hygienic plastic pallet has no sidewall seams, gaps, holes or other bacteria traps. It features an impact-resistant, double-wall HDPE construction and built-in Microban antimicrobial protection against odor- and stain-causing bacteria. The pallet’s design prevents residue from pooling or collecting on any exterior container surface.
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Hygienic plastic pallet

Plastic pallets have many uses from export and industrial use to food-grade or hygienic use. They are capable of lasting years and making hundreds of trips. Plastic pallets are beneficial because they can be stackable, rackable, or nestable.

For food or pharmaceutical use, you should opt for the most hygienic pallets available. Hygienic plastic pallets are the premier choice considering the ease of sanitation and multiple variations available.

100% virgin HDPE/PP or recycled HDPE
Normally Blue, customized color avialable, but MOQ500pcs 
around 22kg 
Dynamic loading 
Static loading 
Rack loading 
The suitable rack type 
selective rack and drive in rack 
QTY in 20ft container 
QTY in 40ft container 
Industry application 
cleanroom for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cold storage 

Fully closed or closed-deck pallets are ideal because they eliminate gaps and crevices, thus stopping bacteria from being trapped there. These are the easiest and quickest to clean and keep clean. When a pallet has no cavities, dirt or food spills are unable to accumulate, resulting in a hygienic pallet.

Fully closed pallets can be made from food-grade HDPE which is the preferred material through the pharmaceutical and food industry. It is virgin material which means there is no recycled plastic in its composition. It is made from all new, raw material making it meet FDA standards.

Another perk of closed-deck plastic pallets is that they tend to be made with injection mold. The resulting product is all one piece, no welds or screws, and is extremely strong and resistant to impact. This will help the pallets last longer and keep the items being transported or stored safely and in their ideal condition.

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250 pcs loading_副本


When looking for hygienic pallets, plastic is by far the best option. They are easy to clean and sanitize, non-porous, and there is a wide variety of options. Some options have a lot of openings (open-deck) and some are fully closed (closed-deck) pallets. Whatever your preference, know that there is a hygienic plastic pallet that will meet your needs.

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