Heavy Duty Blue Three Runner Pallet

Heavy Duty Blue Three Runner Pallet

The rack plastic pallets have three types, grid six runners, grid three runners, flat top three runners, grid six runners etc. They could meet various customers' needs and demands. But grid three runners is the most popular.
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Product Details

heavy duty blue three runner pallet

How To Purchase

1. The size and structure of the pallet, packing specifications of the goods and the way they are placed on the pallet;

2. The status of pallet loading tools(such as 20 feet, 40 feet of containers and goods vehicles);

3. The situation of pallet transport tools (such as forklift truck, hydraulic truck, etc);

4. The structure, width and depth of the shelves(like the beam shelf, the cow leg shelf);

5. Pallet load, deflection, surface anti-slip coefficient and label position;

6. Once formed or twice welded, for the consideration of cost and durability, first choose a pallets of molding;

7. General type of pallet size, choose standardized products as far as possible.


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an Packaging Solution Provider.

We operates in the areas of Packaging equipments and consumables. We help our customers reducing their overall cost :

By reducing packaging cost

By improving the arrival condition of their products

By making their operations more productive.

Special Features:

Strong Design

Heavy Duty

Robust Construction

Removable Plastic Grid

A high Static Load Bearing Capacity

Weather Proof therefore ideal for use in exposed conditions

Can be used with Fork Lifts Pallet Trucks

Available in various sizes colors as per customer requirement

Zero-maintenance' trouble free operations

Long lasting

Environment friendly as these help save precious wood