Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

New plastic + elastomer anti slip mats to help keep pallets from sliding off forks and each other during transit, and is stackable for effcient storgae
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This kind of Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet has been engineered as a real all-rounder that offers high performance. It is universally applicable in production plants and goods distribution .In addition, it is widely uses for stacking, such as bags stacking, box stacking and so on. The high impact strength of this plastic pallet significantly reduces the risk of damage with such improper handling, so as to extends the service life. In addition, the anti slip design with elastomer anti side gromments can protect the goods from sliding off during transportation. The Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet is reversible, which allows for safe double stacking. There are also rubber anti-skid blocks assembled at upper and bottom deck to stop sliding of cargoes on pallets for safety operation. It is very popular with our clients all over the world.

static load6t
dynamic load1.5t


The Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet is suitable for bags, boxes stackable use and used on the stacking and transporting of beer, flour and bags.


Quality guarantee period: Under normal and reasonable use, the quality guarantee period is three years(36 months), damage caused as a result of repeated use of the product with a broken in a same product, the supplier to deal with problems arising from the use process have the duty to maintain and ruled out, therefore the domestic freight shall be borne by the supplier(product quality problems, except for human factors);

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