Heavy Duty Stacking Pallet Containers

Heavy Duty Stacking Pallet Containers

Plastic 120 x 100 closed container for industrial use of 680-litre capacity made of non-toxic HDPE (high-density polyethylene), certified for direct contact with food, is the solution to organising issues and company internal and external transport set-ups. The convex structure of the walls increases the total capacity and the reinforced bottom is suitable for concentrated loads. The opening facilitates content introduction and retrieval, speeding up storage or feeding phases of the operating machines of the processing lines; it is often used as a replacement for shelving or as a display support for products destined for sale in large-scale retail trade. Various accessories are available for this plastic container such as wheels, lid, crossbars, door, label holder, tap, discharge spout and marking.
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Product Details

heavy duty stacking pallet containers

This large stacking pallet container is called a closed big box because of its closed side walls. The content of this variant is particularly well protected against external influences. Thanks to the integrated plastic pallet , the closed big boxes are also very stable. Large containers are therefore ideal for storing and transporting large and bulky products safely. Thanks to the standardized size of closed bigboxes, you can stack several boxes on top of each other and thus optimally utilize your storage space. Due to the smooth inside and outside walls, the closed Bigbox can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Where can the pallet boxes be used?

The enclosed pallet box ensures high transport safety with a comparatively low dead weight. Heavy, large-volume packaged goods are safely transported and stowed thanks to the robust design and a capacity of up to 900 liters. Whether as a transport or storage box – plastic bigboxes are the ideal addition to any storage facility. Solid materials from various industries can be transported from A to B. For a perfect overview in the warehouse, So you always have your stock keeping in view and can sort the contents clearly.

♦ Material: 100%HDPE

♦ Stackable and reusable.

♦ Lid and wheel and water outlet are available.

♦ Dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg in single use.

♦ Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C.

♦ Forklift entry:4 ways.and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle.

♦Mainly used for liquid, granule,machine parts storage and refuse disposal.




Plastic pallet boxes are the most suitable boxes for storage and transport. We therefore offer large plastic boxes and pallet boxes which are the best to store bulk goods, fruits and vegetables or other such food products. Our boxes are available in several dimensions and types, to provide convenient services.

Pallet box are extra-large, does suiting the requirements to the industry. Also, being heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings only makes it much widely excepted storage solution. These pallet boxes can be easily lifted with a forklift and come with either feet, castors or skids.

Our bulk pallet box pass out three essential qualities, which is they are strong, durable and hygienic. It is of great importance to have a clean and hygienic box, because it is used to store food products. Plastic pallet box are ideal for a host of applications when hygiene is the main concern. 

Our box storage are designed with smooth surfaces and curved corners and are free from dirt traps. Which is it easier to clean whilst also protect contents from damage and is not time consuming. Our available products include solid or ventilated, on runners or feet and we also provide lids for our bulk containers.