Heavy Load Pallet

The main features of heavy load pallet is it has a very strong, hygienic and long lasting, euro size plastic pallet, and designed with a closed deck and three runners. This make it possible to use more than once
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Product Details

Heavy load pallet is one category product in Enlightening pallet industry co.,ltd ,totall HDPE material constitute heavy load pallet.It has long expire time.

Enlightening pallet industry co.,ltd set up in year 2000,largely plastic pallet ,plastic pallet box, collapsible pallet boxes, Plastic dustbins

and it Passed series of test : ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS , GB/T28001-2001, EN840 inspection certification, FDA test etc

rand can be seen as expert in plastic production territory.

Worth to mention that this comany has star guests,such as Ford jaguar ,Toyota,landarover,thyseen,continental,Montaplast.Enlightening pallet industry co.,ltd offering pallets to Coca Cola , Ford automobile, China tobacco, Qingdao beer, BMW and samsung etc. for sale

Company products widely used in petrochemical, chemical, beer, drinks, seafood, Auto medicine, tobacco etc.

mode number 1210PHC

material: HDPE

size:  1200*1000*170mm

stastic 1.5t

dynamic 6t

rack    0.5

place of Origin :Shandong ,China

brand name :Cnplast

color :blue 

When you need to carry loads of products,such as containers of Coca cola or beers ,please visit website of our company to find one size matched your desire.