High Quality Plastic Pallets

High Quality Plastic Pallets

High Quality Plastic Pallets : reverse and front sides of this plastic tray are grid-like and can be used on both sides. Double-sided mesh plastic trays are usually used in many industries such as food factories, chemical plants, fertilizer manufacturing, and cold storage.
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                                                                  High Quality Plastic Pallets

High Quality Plastic Pallets is one of our best-selling products in Lanting Pallet Industry Co., Ltd. The company currently has two large-scale plastic pallet production bases, mainly operating nearly 300 kinds of plastic products. At present, the company's marketing network covers both inside and outside the park, such as: Europe and the United States, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Win the trust and support of our customers with excellent and efficient services.The company has been rated as: "China's Most Competitive Plastic Industry Enterprise", "China's Top 100 Plastic Industry Enterprise" and "China Famous Trademark".


High Quality Plastic Pallets is cost-effective. Our advantages are as follows:

     1: Plastic weight is 14.5kg; other suppliers are up to 14kg, most are below 13.5kg, and there is no deviation in size. The size of other manufacturers is -5mm, and the actual weight is often less than the quoted weight. 

    2: 2mm steel pipe can be added, other manufacturers mostly 1.2mm or 1.7mm

    3: 8 ribs at the fork position

    4: The four corners of the tray are reinforced to prevent falling, collision and good durability.

    5: China's leading anti-skid pad technology, new material plastic and rubber design, has a larger friction coefficient, will not affect the use of slipping from the tray, other manufacturers mostly return materials, there is an odor, or even non-skid pad technology

    6: All are produced by robots, with many processes, high efficiency, stable supply, fast delivery, and can arrange production as soon as possible

TypeVented deck
StyleDouble face
Four ways entryHandliftN/A
Dimension(mm)Load Capacity(KGS)QTY/Container
LWHWeightDynamicStatic load20'GP




High Quality Plastic Pallets are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, beer, beverage and food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, wire and cable industries. Suppliers of well-known Chinese companies such as Coca-Cola, China Tobacco, Tsingtao Brewery, BMW, Samsung.

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