Large Folding Box Pallet

Large Folding Box Pallet

Collapsing pallet boxes provide compact returnable storage. Each box is made of high quality plastic, surviving many supply cycles. Cardboard boxes and wooden pallets degrade and splinter over time with costly production and short life-spans. They are long lasting and clean, producing no dust and unable to harbor any foreign bodies such as bugs or organic material.
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Large folding box pallet

Large folding box pallet is a fully collapsible plastic box with integral sides. As the sides are hinged to the pallet base, they are not removable so parts can't get lost. The collapsible plastic box pallet is injection moulded from food grade polypropylene so can serve a multitude of uses for storage of products in warehouses.

They have the strength required to fulfil the requirements of any supply chain and to achieve ease of access for end users. They are very sturdy in relation to their weight and do not collapse during use. User-friendly,100% recyclable. As the containers can be folded and stacked on top of each other , they offer considerable cost and space savings.Our storage boxes are ideal for bulk quantities.


♦ Material: 100% HDPE

♦ Weight :66 kg

♦ Stackable, foldable and reusable.

♦ Lid is available.

♦ Dynamic load 1000kg, static load 4000kg in single use.

♦ Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C.

♦ Forklift entry:4 ways.and suitable for mechanical forklift and manual hydraulic vehicle.

♦ Widely used for auto parts transporting and storage .





The folding box pallet is ideal for storing and transporting large volumes of produce. The highly versatile pallet box can be provided for bulk and heavy-duty use as well as hygienic storage and distribution. The folding pallet box provides a highly versatile storage and transportation option as it can be used in a multitude of applications. It effectively meets a wide range of handling requirements for caps and closures, textiles, fresh fish, frozen meat, metal components and fixings, plastic mouldings, vegetable harvesting and wiring looms. With 3 runners and 2 drop-doors.

It is quick and easy to assemble whilst allowing ease of access, even when stacked. Additionally, it is can be folded flat when empty, saving valuable space during transit. The folding pallet box is also compatible with a full lid and lightweight lid and is constructed from high quality, weatherproof materials