One Time Export Use Plastic Pallet

One Time Export Use Plastic Pallet

The pallet is made of HDPE. Featuring excellent mechanical performance, low weight and recyclability,
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One way export use plastic pallet

The legs of nestable plastic pallets go into each other. With these, you can easily transport plastic pallets easily and at a lower cost, especially during return trip.

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One way export use plastic pallet
static load1.5t
dynamic load0.5t

Nestable plastic pallets are plastic pallets that workers can tightly pack, or nestle, together, when they’re not in use. Nestable pallets help free up space in warehouses.HTB1zeCuSVXXXXXhaXXXq6xXFXXXn

One way use plastic pallets are ideal for both for one-way and multi-way purposes. 

One-way export pallets for international shipping: Euro 1200x800, ISO 1200x1000, 1100x1100. 

Thie pallet is made by recycled hdpe and suitable for light duty transport and for one way use.


Our export industrial pallets are durable and strong, besides being environmentally friendly.