Pharmaceutical Hygienic Plastic Pallets

Pharmaceutical Hygienic Plastic Pallets

Pharmaceutical hygienic plastic pallets with new strict requirements for design and the execution for the operation in the conditions of the food industry. The unique design plastic pallets without sharp corners, edges and opened stiffeners forming an open U profiles, providing completely sealed waterproof construction, delivering compelling benefits.
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Product Details

Pharmaceutical hygienic plastic pallets

size 1200*1000*150

plastic weight  18 kg, steel bars available for racking

static load  4000-6000 kg, dynamic load 1000-2000kg

1. Sanitary transportation equipment: The design and maintenance of vehicles and transport equipment cannot cause the food it transports to become unsafe. Vehicles and equipment must be able to be cleaned adequately for their intended use.

2. Controlled temperatures throughout supply chains: Temperatures must be monitored and recorded during transportation to ensure they stay in an appropriate range for the food being delivered.

3. Eliminated risks of cross-contamination: Contamination of ready-to-eat food by raw food, as well as the cross-contamination of food from chemicals and pathogens, must be prevented.

4. Worker hygiene training: Carrier personnel must be trained in sanitary transportation practices, and the training must be documented.

5. Accurate records: Records of procedures, agreements, and training must be maintained for twelve months.

Pharmaceutical industry hygienic pallets

Maximum purity is guaranteed by automatic or hand washing, which is due to the design solution and  smooth surface not very demanding both in terms of time  and economy. The Pharmaceutical hygienic plastic pallets is completely enclosed and  rounded structure. Hygienic plastic pallets are suitable for handling, storage and transportation of food products.

Pharmaceutical industry hygienic pallets 1

Pharmaceutical hygienic plastic pallets of 3 runners of standard dimensions ideal for environments that require the maximum hygiene with the maximum benefits of load in rack. Completely plain and closed equipment that facilitates cleaning after each reuse. Ideal solution for white room applications.