Plastic Oil Containment Pallet

Plastic Oil Containment Pallet

The Oil Drum Spill Pallet is a corrosion free, polyethylene storage solution that weighs 23kg. Fully compliant to EU standards, this spill pallet has removable plastic grid and forklift pockets.
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Plastic oil containment pallet

Choosing a Plastic oil containment pallet

Types of oil containment pallet: Spill containment spill pallets come in many options to control drum or container leakage. Most of our spill pallets are made of high density polyethylene and are made in the USA.

1) Spill Pallets/Spill Platforms - Traditional pallets for holding one to eight drums. Modular units that can be connect to handle an unlimited number drums. Most modular units are low profile so drums can be loaded on them off of wooden pallets. Higher profile spill pallets for more sump capacity or inline pallets to save space are other options available. We also carry fluorinated models if you have aggressive fluids that are not compatible with polyethylene.

2) Economy Spill Pallets/Basins - Our economy models include a one, two, and four drum model without grates that is more like a drum tray. Our NEW flexible models come in 1 to 6 drum sizes. Available with or without grates. The PVC flexible sides save on shipping cost because they do not have to go LTL. 

3) Outdoor Drum Storage - With our large selection of covered outdoor spill pallets you will find the solution you need. We have a spill pallet building, roll tops, lift tops and flip top covered pallets. This is one of the largest selection of hard top spill pallet choices on the internet. View our videos on many of the products.

4) IBC Spill Containment Pallets - Besides standard IBC pallets there are also modular and hardtop options available.

5) Stackable and Drum Dispensing Workstations - Space savers that also allow you to safely dispense chemicals. Also covered units that can be secured and used indoors or outdoors.

6) Portable - Affordable and easy to set up. Plastic oil containment pallet For use in vehicles, for temporary storage and emergency use. 



Model A

Model B


Yellow sump & Black grids



Dimensions L*W*H :

1300*1300*150 mm

1300*300*300 mm

Weight :

32 kg

36 kg

Sump Capacity:

150 L

200 L

Product structure:

4 ways entry handlift

4 ways entry handlift & forklift


Free silk screen logo, embossed logo printing




Uses: Economical solutions for temporary or emergency spill containment for your drums and small containers. Also used when transfering or shipping drums with in a facility or to other facilities. Use throughout your facility to comply with regulations. Contact for additional product information of Plastic oil containment pallet.

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