Three Runners Durable Plastic pallet

Three Runners Durable Plastic pallet

Plastic pallets are about 3 times more expensive than wooden ones.
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Product Details

Three Runners durable plasticpallet


  • size 1200x1000x150mm, material HDPE

  • weight 20.5kg with 6 steels, color blue

  • static load 5t, dynamic looad 1.2t, rack load 1t

Plastic Pallets are typically used in transporting fresh and frozen foods and pharmaceutical or other products with strict hygienic requirements. Plastic pallets aren’t porous and are easy to clean, wash or sterilize.


rackable pallets that fit in open pallet racks, supporting the weight of their loads across an open span.


Rack Plastic pallets have key advantages: they have a constant unladen weight, are robust and durable, with metal reinforcing, are particularly sturdy and suitable for use in high-rack warehousing.