Double Sides Plastic Pallet

Double Sides Plastic Pallet

The edge of plastic pallet is solid and stable
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Product Details

Double sides plastic pallet


Itemheavy duty stackable plastic pallet
size 1200x1000x150mm
weight 20.5kg
static load6t
dynamic load1.5t

Advantage of the plastic pallets compared with the other wood pallets.

1.The structure of plastic pallet is better than wood pallet, reduce the waste of the pallets damge;

2.More easy to clean than wood pallet;

3.Not damage in transport and it is very durable;

3.Suitable for all kinds of comdities,safety and health;

4.Thereare all kinds of color;

5.Moistureproof,mouldproof,withont a thorn,easy to clean,can be recycled;

6.Under the condition of equal in weight,the plastic pallet load capacity is five times as wooden pallets;

7.Longer life-span,around 5-7 times to wooden pallets;

8.Light in weight,clean and decent appearance,non-toxic,iron-free,non-prickly;

9.Easy for washing and decontamination,resistant to rot,non-flammable;


stack with bags with several pallet usage_副本

The edge of plastic pallet is solid and stable.So it can be applied into many aspects.It can be used for shelves when it add the steels.  The heavy duty nestable plastic pallet  can match the forklift and handlift.It is designed to bear more weight.It is solid and durable.


The product is designed to hollow.So it is lightweight.Alao,it can be recycled.It's damp-proof and fire-proof.

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