Flour Stackable Use Plastic Pallet

Flour Stackable Use Plastic Pallet

Stackable pallets are ideal for stacking, conveying and static storage.
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Stackable pallets are ideal for stacking, conveying and static storage. They're designed to enable the stacking of one fully loaded pallet atop another to maximize the vertical storage capacity of a truck, warehouse or distribution center. 

stackable pallet

size 1200x1000x150mm
material hdpe
static load 6t
dynamic load1.5t
color blue

Consequently, stackable pallets must offer a solid, durable construction that can accommodate heavy loads without damaging the underlying goods.

plastic pallet

There are numerous advantages to integrating stackable plastic pallets into your material handling processes. By maximizing space in your facility, they can give you more room for the equipment and machinery you need to grow your operation. A forklift can lift and load several stackable pallets at once, which can save time and significantly lower your labor costs. 

heavy duty pallet

Because they are made of plastic, these pallets are less susceptible to contamination — there are no cracks or crevices that can trap bacteria or promote mold growth. Plastics pallets are also easy to clean either by hand or machine, allowing you to put them back into service quickly after each use.

stack use pallet

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